Nov 12, 2013

Minecraft Documentary - "The Story Of Mojang"

The 2012 documentary chronicling Mojang's meteoric rise to prominence with Minecraft is finally online for free. As one of the titles that sparked a massive game industry shift towards indie game development, we're appreciative for the type of change they brought about in an industry that was beginning to stagnate with stale ideas, an over reliance on sequels and a focus on money over innovation.

It's pretty amazing to see Markus Persson and his studios humble beginnings as the title was still under development. The documentary directed by Paul Owens was just recently released by 2Player Productions in it's complete glory, without any ads whatsoever. For all you startup minded folks, this is the perfect type of documentary to acquaint you with the types of changes whirlwind success brings about, as well as inspiring an entire generation of small developers to seek that same glory.

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