Nov 12, 2013

Worth Checking Out - Interference

Offer me cyberpunk and I'll offer you my money, it's as simple as that. Interference is a tech-noir styled puzzle-platformer filled with juicy cyberpunk imagery and a pulsating soundtrack. With gameplay similar to that of Mark of the Ninja and the sleeper hit Gunpoint, Interference seems to borrow ideas and build upon them in a fully fleshed out world.

In Interference, exploration is just as important as stealth, pushing players to explore the world and progress at their own pace. Drawing inspiration from Blade Runner, Akira, and Dark City, the game's constant neon-fueled world is absolutely gorgeous.

While the game looks to be coming along rather nicely, developer Anthony Beyer is looking for a bit of support. You can donate towards the Indiegogo campaign over here, the campaign still has 28 days left as of now so there's plenty of time fully fund it. Chop chop!

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