Nov 11, 2013

Batman: The Deal

I'm at quite a loss for words for Batman: The Deal, the fan comic written by Gerardo Preciado and illustrated by Daniel Bayliss. It would seem that since the inception of Batman in 1937 it has all lead up to this non-canon moment, which is quite an incredible feat for a fan fiction

The fantastic art of Daniel Bayliss perfectly encapsulates the madness of the short, providing a gritty and and psychotic atmosphere that leads up to a final showdown between Batman and the Joker. While it begins as a story we've all seen countless times throughout the Batman universe, there's something spine-tingling cerebral with Preciado's writing that really breaks down Batman and the Joker's inner-psyche. 

Ending with a moving quote by the late and great comedian Bill Hicks, Batman: The Deal wraps itself up nicely as the perfect love letter to the Batman series. This is the type of work I'd expect to see in an official publication, here's hoping DC has there's eyes out for these guys now. Hit the break for the full comic and take a look over here for the comic in it's full glory.

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