Nov 11, 2013

Worth Checking Out - "Apocalypse Nerd" Seeks A Cinematic Kickstart

Based off the Peter Bagge Dark Horse mini series by the same name which ran between 2005-2007, Apocalypse Nerd is probably one of the first comic book movie adaptations to seek crowdfunding, and I'm strangely compelled. Narrating the story of Perry and Gordon, who find themselves in the wilds of Scotland as a nuclear anomaly unfolds, these two aging friends must deal with their own distinct personal issues while the world around them is thrust into darkness.

The found footage trailer offers us a compelling taste of what's to come in 2014, a humorous, dark mindgame as the protagonists attempt to absorb what has unfolded about them. How will each distinctly unprepared protagonist deal with such a catastrophe? I'm curious to find out, and writer/director Tupaq Felber seems intent on channeling the same independent spirit that surrounded the comic into creating this film. Premise wise it feels like the type of movie that someone like Simon Pegg would star in, which is a good thing. We invite you to check out the Apocalypse Nerd Kickstarter, and consider pitching in a few dollars to help them reach their goal.

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