Jul 2, 2013

The Great Gatsby - Before And After VFX

VFX supervisor Chris Godfrey was tasked with taking raw footage from Baz Luhrmann's spectacular adaptation of The Great Gatsby and executing the vision of a decadent Jazz Age in full swing in a 1920's rendition of Long Island, a tall order to say the least. Collaborating with a total of 7 VFX vendors (Industry lingo for specialized, external studios) including Animal Logic, Rising Sun, Iloura, ILM, Prime Focus and Method as well as an internal strike team under his wing, Godfrey executed a total of 1500 VFX shots for the visually spectacular film.

This reel showcases just some of the incredible work that this group accomplished over the course of the project with before and after shots, showing off what an incredible feat this dedicated crew pulled off considering what they had to work with. On a related note, examples like this really showcase why Hollywood should learn to appreciate VFX studios, instead of viewing them as an expendable industry that would be better off outsourced. I'm personally still reeling following the entire Life Of Pi Oscars debacle from earlier this year.

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