Jul 2, 2013

Music Video Roundup - Moderat, M.I.A., Claire X Wildeyes, The Postal Service

From their upcoming album 'Moderat II,' Bad Kingdom offers a taste of the continuing Modeselektor/Apparat collab directed by Pfadinderei, narrating the tale of a young British man who falls into a downward spiral of corruption and greed. Executed using a series of hand drawn images,  the track offers this tale via a series of vignettes that flow into each other. Their sophomore album drops on August 2.

Mistress of chaos and dance hall queen M.I.A. dropped yet another bomb with Bring The Noize, portraying herself as the literal anti-trend with her army of clad-in-white followers in a strange third world country, similar in flavor to her Bad Girls appearance. Bring The Noize is from the chanteuse's upcoming fourth album 'Matangi,' a call back to her actual name and Tamil roots: Mathangi 'Maya' Arulpragasam.

German synth pop collective Claire collaborated with Wild Eyes productions and director Ferdinand Feldmann to release a wonderfully broody bit of electro synth that will resonate in your mind for hours to come, complete with an epic opening narration. Part fashion film, part surreal fantasy, it's an all around eye pleaser.

Released as a visualization of one of their new recordings put out with the 10th anniversary reissue of their 2003 indie classic Give Up, this music video for A Tattered Line Of String follows a man and his nightmarish journey through a laundromat. A mundane experience is turned into absolute insanity as the entire world turns into a spin cycle, featuring a protagonist similar to frontman Ben Gibbard taking the brunt of the sudden loss of reality.

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