Jul 11, 2013

The Flying Man Gives A Bit Of Suspense To The Superhero Genre

It isn't everyday a short film hits the web that is destined to leave a mark for the future of a genre, but director and co-writer Marcus Alqueres has created a short film that could potentially change the superhero genre as we know it. The Flying Man is a superhero origin story with a twist, rather than humanizing their superpowers with a likable character, Alqueres creates a suspenseful story told from the eyes of the general population. This isn't a story about a coming-to-terms superhero, instead the media claimed 'vigilante' is nothing more than a faceless entity which reigns terror on a select portion of the citizens bellow. 

This short is unlike I have ever seen in the superhero genre, creating a feeling of suspense as an unknown force shows itself to the world. While comic books have gone the route of telling a story through the villains, Alqueres' The Flying Man tells a story through the general public as they fear for what the vigilante truly stands for. According to Alqueres, this piece is a demonstration of a much larger vision which he hopes to turn into a feature length film one day, something I can see happening much sooner than later. If Neil Blomkamp is anything to go by, this is definitely the right way to get noticed and I'll be damned if we don't see bigger things from this talented director in the future.

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