Jul 11, 2013

Feast Your Eyes On The Most Realistic Bruce Willis Figure Of All Time

Admit it, your entire life has lead up to the moment you could own a 1/6 scale figure of Bruce Willis to showcase your deep love for the aging action hero. To celebrate Bruce Willis' role in the upcoming G.I. Joe Retaliation film Hasbro and Hot Toys have released the most realistic Bruce Willis figure to ever exist. The figure features a height of 30 cm, 30 moveable joints, and more accessories than you ever thought you'd need for a Bruce Willis figure (*cough* 6 *cough*) this is definitely something any collector of ridiculous figures will want to look into.

The figure is set to go on sale in the third quarter of 2013, with no price point currently announced. Let's be honest with ourselves though, is there really a price point you wouldn't pay to obtain this beauty? How can you say no to that sexy wrinkled forehead? That's right, you can't. Hit the jump for more images of the upcoming figure.

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