Jul 10, 2013

14 Minimalist Movie Posters Based Off Their Cars


Created by Jesús Prudencio, a Spanish web designer and illustrator based out of Seville, Spain who set out to combine his passion for cars and movies into an amazing project simply titled Cars And Films. In this pleasantly minimalist series, Prudencio condensed each of his movie posters into their most iconic vehicle and primary color, ranging from obvious choices like Ghostbuster's Ectomobile to less obvious, clever choices like The Shining's unlikely snow plow, which ultimately becomes the key to escaping complete madness in the Kubrick film.

Simple, yet masterfully executed, Jesús offers us a multi-decade showcase of his favorite passions in one convenient format. All the prints, in both a framed and unframed format can be found on his Etsy shop, for those inclined. Check out the rest of this awesome movie poster series after the break!

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