Jul 27, 2013

Mickey Mouse In "Gasp!"

The newest episode of Disney's ongoing Mickey Mouse features a rather interesting change in pace, focusing on Mickey's household problems as well as introducing some entirely new characters to the cast. Gasp centers around Mickey trying to help his fish called 'Gubbles' deal with a rather antagonistic cat when it outgrows it's rather measly fish bowl. Pluto is strangely missing, and I think director Paul Rudish's entire joke centers around the somewhat ironic concept of a mouse chasing a cat around an apartment.

Be sure to check out the rest of the Mickey Mouse shorts that we've posted so far as part of Disney's new initative to revitalize and reinvent their classic cartoons here, featuring his wide range of misadventures at home and abroad. Let's hope they bring back Duck Tales too at some point, while they're at it.

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