Jul 27, 2013

Mike Yamada's Awesome Zoom Zoo


Mike Yamada is currently employed as a veteran visual development artist over at Dreamworks, where he's had a chance to contribute to projects including The Croods, Puss In Boots, Kung Fun Panda 2, How To Train Your Dragon and many other projects spanning his ten year career since graduating from Pasadena's prestigious Art Center design program. Yamada has juggled multiple projects in various genres, also dipping his toe into more realistic movies like Clash of the Titans and Avatar. Yet at the end of the day looking at an artists personal work truly shows where their thematic love lies, and he turned it into an awesome project called Zoom Zoo.

The series of alphabet flash cards featuring animals and their awesome respective racing vehicles, kind of resembling a cast of a Mario Kart spinoff on steroids. While I'm happy to say that I do know my A-Z's, it looks like he had so much fun doing these that I wouldn't mind picking up a set myself. With movies like Turbo and Wreck It Ralph focusing on such racing themes, why doesn't someone pick this fun idea up for development? The entire idea sounds like a videogame or movie idea begging to get made. You can pick up a set of these fun cards at the ECA design studio store, and check out some more samples of his fun, stylized art after the break.

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