Jun 15, 2013

E3 2013 Indie Showcase: Ray's The Dead By Ragtag Studios

Similar to the story of the devs behind Switchblade Monkeys' Secret Ponchos, Ragtag Studios was founded by a group of veteran developers with a need to pursue their own creative ambitions. Founded by Matt Carter, Chris Cobb and Shawn Halves, the Chicago based studio had previously been developing IOS games before moving on to their first indie console undertaking: the humorously named Ray's The Dead. While the project was initially Kickstarted, the plug was mysteriously pulled towards the end of May with news of an upcoming announcement as their reasoning: Becoming part of the Playstation 4 indie initative.

If you've ever played Nintendo's Pikmin franchise and have ever wanted to experience what it's like to control your own horde of brain munching minions, look no further. Starring a rather gifted zombie named Ray, gifted with the ability to resurrect and control zombies, the game could be best described as an action stealth puzzler. Using a mixture of RTS style commands, the focus of the game revolves around growing your zombie army, avoiding detection from the trigger happy town police force and issuing commands to your minions to take down unsuspecting victims.

With an art style that mixed 3D background with flat characters, Ray's The Dead also reminded me of the Paper Mario franchise. So in a nutshell: Fun hybrid gameplay, an 80's flavored soundtrack and a chance to be the zombie for a change? Sounds awesome! We're looking forward to Team Ragtag's console debut in the near future.

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