Jun 15, 2013

E3 2013 Indie Showcase - Tower Of Guns By Terrible Posture Games

Finally shown at E3's Indiecade this year, Tower Of Guns is an incoming indie first person shooter effort being developed by a one man army, and that army is called Joe Mirabello. Despite being early on in development, the title is following a Minecraft style development cycle, offering early adopters a chance to play the game in it's early state and be an integral part of it's evolution.

The fast paced twitch shooter found it's gameplay hook by adding elements of roguelikes like FTL and Binding Of Isaac to create a hybrid title with an emphasis on replayability. With a plan to have fully randomized enemies, bosses, power ups, items, weapons and layouts on every playthrough, Mirabello's plan is to deliver an entirely new experience with every playthrough, mixed with emulating an old school shooter experience present in the bygone days of Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament. This title has crazy potential, and for the cheap price of $5 you can get into the 'Wear A Hard Hat' ongoing development version of the title. We're looking forward to seeing this one evolve.

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