Jun 14, 2013

The Monster Hunter Gameboy Demake

Capcom's Monster Hunter franchise: The epitome of the love/hate game, an international phenom that continues to grow in popularity despite the punishing initial learning curve (I'm a recent convert). Pixel artist Army Of Trolls (Gary J Lucken) took it upon himself to teleport the awesome franchise to a simpler time, with a truly cool 'what if' version of Monster Hunter if it had been released on the Gameboy, complete with a Link's Awakening style.

Featuring a recreation of the camp scene and a few mocked up battle screens, Lucken absolutely nailed the feel of the game if it had been an 8bit title. If this gets Capcom's attention, I can only hope that they add a 'Stabasco' sword in time for the next installment in honor of this awesome pixel tribute.

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