Jun 23, 2014

The Photorealistic Art Of Doug Bloodworth - Snacks, Comics And Nostalgia

Doug Bloodworth is a definite card carrying member of the photorealism movement, but thanks to his choice of subject matter he's managed to captivate a much wider audience than your typical still life artist. Doug's work features junk food, comic books, games and toys that were prevalent in a pre-internet era, and it's painted so damn well that it typically fools viewers into thinking that it's a photo.

The inspiration to go down this path came from now deceased sculptor Duane Hanson, who was famous for his incredibly life like sculptures of everyday people. When Doug was younger he actually walked up to one of Duane's sculptures of a security guard in New York and asked him where the restroom was. The experience had a lasting effect on him that ultimately shaped his painting career.

Currently recognized as one of the premier photorealistic painters in the international community, Bloodworth continues to do what he loves, and everyone loves the unorthodox direction he's taken. Some of the content present in his work is drawn from a period before I was even born, but it's not hard to see where people get that nostalgic connection to his work from. Check out more of his amazing photorealistic pieces after the break!

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