Jun 15, 2013

E3 2013 Indie Showcase: Mercenary Kings By Tribute Games

Following the surprise announcement of the indie focused 'Playstation Loves Devs' lineup, I was elated to see Mercenary Kings, a title that was Kickstarted late last year following the Canadian studios' previous project, Wizorb. The project (Which we backed) got our attention thanks to it's Metal Slug-esque gameplay, visualized by the amazing Aussie pixel god Paul Robertson.

We got a chance to get some hands on time with the game and talk to Jean-Francois Major about the upcoming Playstation 4/PC project and were pleasantly surprised by the games polish and features. Aside from the NeoGeo themed visuals, the game offered features reminiscent of Metroid and Borderlands, in the form of massive maps, backtracking and the heavy weapon customization and crafting systems present in the title. During the course of my mission I crafted an ice projectile firing rifle that came into good use during a boss battle against one of CLAW's (Not related to Inspector Gadget, mind you) boss minions.

Just a taste of the colorful cast of Mercenary Kings.
The use of procedural layout for enemies, items and bosses guaranteed a different experience every time, as well as the game offering a whole slew of different playable characters for the upcoming 4 player coop experience when the game ships this fall. It was truly a magical moment this year to see the friendly folks at Tribute Games sticking to their old-school chops and getting rewarded for their persistence. If you're a side scrolling enthusiast, this game will be a dream come true when it comes out later this fall.

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