Mar 24, 2013

Watch This Movie: Spring Breakers Is Not What It Seems

We had one of the strangest moviegoing experiences in years with Harmony Korine's Spring Breakers, a movie that was made to seem very common and ordinary in it's marketing, yet offered something starkly different to those who took the bait. This movie was a cinematic venus fly trap in the best way imaginable, drawing the stereotypical crowd who'd be interested in a 'party' movie before slapping them in the face with a movie so strange, surreal and ironic that it's nothing short of brilliant.

We'd heard rumors that this movie was selling itself as something it wasn't, but when we entered the theater to find a bunch of 16-18 year olds getting pumped about a Spring Break themed, fun movie..We were perplexed and bracing ourselves for the experience to come. What the movie ended up being was a true freefall into darkness for four girls, which unfolded in an uncnoventional narration style that juggled present, past and future at the same time with plenty of surreal, uncomfortable moments that reminded me of Gaspar Noe's Enter The Void in it's abstract style.

The movie could be referred to as a dark satire in it's entirety, and a cautionary tale of what happens to people who consider 'YOLO' and Scarface as things to glorify and live by. All glitz, glamour and no consequences? Think twice. If anything I'd consider this movie as a complete middle finger to movies like Project X, which went so far as to throw out the aspect of responsibility in a movie about taking things too far. If you're looking for a truly different cinematic experience, I'd highly recommend checking Spring Breakers out, I guarantee that it's unlike anything you've seen in recent years.

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