Mar 29, 2013

Ad Collective Volume VI : Russian Railways, Marvel, Slurp TV, Life On Mars, Target

For our new readers, Ad Collective is a weekly spotlight on creative advertising projects that push the creative envelope. We're not talking mind grating, generic commercials for car insurance and laundry detergent here, rather a spotlight on individuals trying to elevate the art of advertising into more of an art form rather than an exercise in playing it safe and taking no risks.

This week brings us a wide range of amazing projects and experimentation from creative collectives and passionate individuals spanning the globe. This week's advertising campaigns, in order:

  • Created by the Oscar winning Pascal Blais animation studio, this amazing advertisement for the 175th anniversary of the national Russian Railroad system was created using a slew of oil paintings done on glass, showing off the past, present and future of Russian Railways.
  • The BlackMeal creative collective created this animated tribute to 80 years of Marvel, constraining themselves to a circular format to highlight some of the companies most beloved franchises and characters. Amazing FX work.
  • Madrid based VJ/motiongrapher SlurpTV unleashed his inner cat person to deliver a rather unusual take on an ad for a gym. What do cats, stomachs and retro 80's disco visuals have in common? You'll soon find out.
  • Lukas Vojir's Life On Mars mixes full on 50's aesthetics, from the sound to the chunky geometric visuals, this faux ad offers a believable vision of what life on Mars during that era would have been like.
  • Creative collective Gentleman Scholar are behind one of the best, most cheerful ads I've ever seen Target put out, featyrubg a variety of creatures using the iconic bullseye motif as a common visual.

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