Mar 29, 2013

Iron Man 3 : Taste The Rainbow (Of Mark Suits)

In the third installment of Iron Man, Tony Stark will face off against his biggest foe yet, The Mandarin. Originally a supergenius posessed with the power of ten rings of alien origin, granting him various powers, it seems like the movie will ground the nemesis as a Sun Tzu obsessed terrorist mastermind instead (Played by Ben Kingsley) running an international do-no-goodery cell called 'The Ten Rings.' Originally intended to be Tony Stark's foe in the original movie, he was put off due to being too ambitious of a character to introduce in the first film (Aka, hard to top).

As part of the marketing campaign for the upcoming film (May 3), a recent Facebook initiative just finished which unlocked a preview of various experimental suits that will be featured in the film, fighting alongside Tony Stark. Check out the whole lot of them after the break!

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