Mar 29, 2013

Bungie's Destiny Concept Art Dump

As part of Bungie's 2013 GDC talk regarding the development of the look of characters in their upcoming Destiny project, there's been a massive amount of concept art released showcasing the evolution of the project and the many settings, characters and scenarios developed for players to experience.

The video above offers a look at factions including The Vex, Fallen, Cabal, Hive, Titan, Warlock and Hunters, and I'm guessing there's quite a few that haven't even been unveiled yet. The concept art aspect features a few years of work for the project in no particular order, including some straight up fantasy art, which is curious to say the least. The migration of a few former Guild Wars 2 (Like former concept lead Kekai Kotaki) veterans definitely lends itself to a new type of loose visual exploration style that I've typically never associated with Bungie, with the exception of Jamie Jones' contributions. Check out a massive amount of art after the break!

The Fallen (Click for full size)

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