Feb 20, 2013

Trevor Moore's 'Pope Rap'

While the announcement of the Pope's retirement was a bit of a surprise for millions, the massive influx of Pope jokes was more than a given. Even with the large magnitude of sub-par, "the Pope likes little kids lolololol" jokes, Trevor Moore of Whitest Kids U' Know fame managed to pull out above the rest with 'The Pope Rap'. I can hardly comprehend the amount of hate Trevor is destined to receive after creating this masterpiece, but for people such as myself this is truly a godsend.

Coinciding with the motherf*ckin pope, you can pick up the song along with an entire album on March 26th in Trevor's debut album, "Drunk Texts To Myself". Can't say I'm not a little bit excited for more Trevor Moore comedy, the man is a genius.

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