Feb 20, 2013

The Children's Book-Esque Art of Annette Marnat

Upon first finding the work of Annette Marnat I was instantly hit with a rush of nostalgia, as books I once grew up with instantly flashed before my eyes. While Annette Marnat's work does not necessarily reflect a particular artist, the vintage feel of the colors and beautiful brush strokes of each figure struck me as something I would have found in books I read as a child. The feeling of warmth that each piece gives can only be described as the love put into each and every one of Marnat's pieces.

Of course my initial "children's book" reaction was quickly acknowledged as seen by a few pieces after the jump. While Annette's website may be in French, it's quite easy to navigate  and can be found over here. Hit the jump for a few more instances of here amazing work.

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