Apr 17, 2015

John Carpenter - Night

Horror maestro John Carpenter is front and center in the first music video promoting his debut album "Lost Themes". One of if not the most iconic horror director of the early to late 80's, Carpenter is just as much one of the architects of the aural landscape of the contemporary sci-fi horror genre as he is its visual curator.

In "Night", we see Carpenter don a Oculus Rift helmet to embody the presence of a remote-controlled robot, tearing through the iridescent-soaked streets of midnight L.A. before meeting up with a buddy for a friendly game of baseball. Although the video itself isn't directed by Carpenter, co-directors Gavin Hignight and Ben Verhulst do an exceptional job of echoing the visual nuances of  his best work. Here's hoping we see more videos from this album in the future!

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