Mar 4, 2015

Brainstorm's Diablo Event Unleashes A Host of Horrors and Heroes

Lennart Verhoeff
The bad-ass artistic minds behind the Brainstorm collective knock it out of the park yet again with their month-long redesign challenge, this time reinterpreting the iconic imagery, classes and titular adversary of Blizzard Entertainment's classic dungeon-crawling series Diablo. Many of the results this past week impressively (if predictably) skew across the spectrum of sci-fi action, though a majority of the pieces submitted retain the distinctive gothic-horror flavor of the original.

Brainstorm mainstay Chen Nambiarooran (previously featured for his impressive 'Darth Vader' series) returns with some downright devilish-looking creature and class designs, joined by the likes of Luis Lashido, Tomaislav Jagnijc, and Lennart Verhoeff's impressively menacing profile portraits. It's all there and more, right after the break!

Tomaislav Jagnijc
Charlo Nocete
Peter Sheh
Sabbas Apterus
Chen Nambiarooran

Luis Lashido
Nicolas Pierquin
David Shaggit
Brian Coughlan
Scott Pellico
Yonathan Saura
Lap Pun Cheung
Chris Legaspi
Kobe Sek
Sebastian Horoszko
Sebastien Brunet
Georgios Dimitriou
Suva Dominic Kaunitoni
Vlada Hladkova
Ørjan Ruttenborg Svendsen

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