Jan 16, 2015

Marvel's 'Run The Jewels' Variant Covers Are Unbearably Cool

Holy cow, Run the Jewels are just moving from strength to strength nowadays! A scant three months after releasing one of last year's best hip-hop albums, coordinating a massive world-wide graffiti project, and embarking on a tireless tour across the U.S., The abrasive rap-duo are set to be canonize into the annals of comic-book stardom with the announcement of two radically awesome variant covers courtesy of Marvel!

Run Them Jewels Fast!
The collaboration between the group and Marvel was spearheaded by none other than Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso who, after witnessing his son's appreciation for the group during a football game, got in contact with Jaime and Mike to make it happen. The covers, seen above, are set to release later this month. I'm still picking my jaw from off the floor in awe that this is happening.

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