Jan 16, 2015

Figma's God Warrior Figure Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

Holy crap. I mean c'mon seriously, look at this thing. Is this not one of the most terrifying and awesome figurines you've ever seen? Based off of Studio Ghibli's 2012 live-action collaboration with Hideki Anno, A Giant God Warrior Descends on Tokyo, this limited-edition figma figurine was once sold exclusively through the Tokyo's Museum of Contemporary Art and is now up for sale at online retailer GoodSmile for 3,600 Yen (translated roughly to $30). With a price like that, I'll might just snag one up myself!

The way that this figure was cast is especially cool; Taking the original life-size puppet into a 3D printer, scanned, shrunken down and then handed off to resident Figma sculptor Takayuki Takeya for the final polish! The figma also comes with the typical array of alternate head and hand styles, a plasma mouth cannon, light spear, translucent stand, a pair of very Eva-esque energy wings!

Check out more photos of the figure after the break!

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