Jan 20, 2015

The Art of Minovo Wang

Minovo Wang is a concept art machine, plain and simple. The bar of quality throughout his work is so consistently high, combined with the almost otherworldly speed he updates with new illustrations, it's profoundly intimidating. A professional concept artist born and based out of Shanghai, the major subjects of Wang's paintings up until recently have been hastily rendered junk-cobbled automatons with retro-futuristic insignia floating through the ether of space.

But from the outset of this year his body of work has shifted to that of sartorially savvy mercenaries stomping through terra-formed outer colonies and portraits of cybernetic matriarchs with gazes so sullen and fierce they could give Sharbat Gula a run for her money. I've drafted this post over three times and it never gets easier choosing which of his illustrations to feature. This guy's definitely getting a redux down the line.

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