Jan 16, 2015

'Playing With Power' Takes The Power-Glove To A Whole New Level

Nintendo's first foray into motion-control gaming, the Power-Glove, is simultaneously one of the most disastrous product campaigns the company has ever launched and one of the most iconic pieces of 1980's pop-cultural ephemera. And now, thanks to Dillon Markey, an animator at Stoopid Monkey Studios (Robot Chicken) and PES (Fresh Guacamole), it's the ultimate video-editing peripheral.

Though at first glance it looks like little more than nostalgic affectation for the aesthetics of yesteryear, Dillon's custom Power-Glove is a surprisingly practical, multi-purpose stop-motion animation tool. Equipped with blue-tooth enabled quick-keys, retractable tweezers for re-positioning small assets, and an suitably awesome fist-bump sound effect. Maybe Nintendo ought to get into the animation business?

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