Jan 10, 2015

'Chappie' looks like a Promising, if Predictable Sci-Fi Action Flick

The second trailer for Neill Blomkamp's Chappie feels like a mild reprise of the first. With the exception of a few snippets of new footage, the trailer sticks to the story of a self-aware peacekeeping android with a heart of gold pitted against a harsh human opposition born out of fear of the unknown.

The on-screen entrance of sci-fi dame Signourey Weaver is predictably exciting yes, though it is disappointing to see the previously advertised comedy angle takes a backseat to trie-and-tired smash-cut explosions in the film's marketing. Hopefully, this decision is just a crowd pleasing bait-and-switch and Chappie will have a couple more surprises up its sleeve besides looking like a cross between Robocop and E.T.

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