Jan 10, 2015

Black Dynamite's Musical Season Finale is 'The Wiz' meets 'The Wire'

Tonight, Adult Swim is airing the one-hour Black Dynamite season finale "The Wizard of Watts". The Black Dynamite series, created in 2009 by Michael Jae White and directed by LeSean Thomas and Carl Jones of Boondocks fame, has never been a stranger to bizarre humor and brazen social commentary driven from off the beaten path. But this episode is something else entirely.

Feeling in need of some well-deserved off time after a long stretch of solving cases and beating up drug dealers, Black Dynamite decides to take a holiday only to be serendipitously hit in the head by a brick. Dynamite's catatonic dreams transport him to the magical world of "Oz-Watts", a fantastical wonderland of foul-mouthed poodles (Tyler, the Creator), flying junkies, harpy hookers (Erykah Badu), a wizard Magic Johnson, and a benevolent fairy James Brown welcoming him to "the black version of the Wiz". Oh, and an army of pig enforcers hell-bent on beating the s#*@& out of him. What could go wrong?

It seems like New York production house Ars Nova is going all-out for this season's finale. Though I must admit I haven't watched much of the show save a few episodes of the first run, I'm genuinely looking forward to seeing this episode. Michael Jai White, Carl Jones, Kym Whitley, and Scott Sander of the Black Dynamite crew are also hosting a Google Hangout session before, during and after the episode's premiere. Check out the episode tonight and let us know what you think!

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