Nov 20, 2014

'Tales from The Borderlands' First Trailer is a Smorgasbord of Insanity

When news first broke about Gearbox and Telltale games' Tales from the Borderlands, I was understandably skeptical. Sure, the two have worked before on the hilarious-yet-short Poker Night 2, but the feeling just couldn't be shaken that these were just two great developers best experienced at different paces. How do you translate Borderland's trigger happy, high-adrenaline ridiculousness into a genre that's primarily focused on detail-laden deliberation? After watching this first trailer, suddenly all my doubts were evaporated in a fit of starry-eyed laughter and anticipation.

Well whaddaya know, a familiar face!
From the looks of it, Tales has players assume the roles of Rhys and Fiona, an up-and-coming young executive and grifter who are trying to seize fortune and control over the Hyperion organization in the wake of the power vacuum left by Handsome Jack's justly-deserved demise. Things quickly go off the rails from there, as the two are pitted against and alongside one another in a battle of wills that will decide the entire fate of Pandora. If everything goes well, I think Telltale and Gearbox may just deliver one of the most memorable adventure experience in recent memory. Fingers crossed on this one.

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