Aug 16, 2014

The Birth of Captain Murphy

Oh. Hell. Yeah. It's a terrific time to be a Flying Lotus fan right now. Following on the heels of his macabre collaboration project with Shintaro Kago, the fine folks at Adult Swim have released the first in a short video series documenting the origins of Lotus' malevolent rap alter-ego; Captain Murphy. And voiced by Snoop Dogg no less!

Captain Murphy's first mixtape Duality was one of my favorite rap projects of 2012. His menacingly pitch-shifted vocals, mischievously graphic lyricism and psychedelic sound production made for one of the most unique experiences I've heard since Madlib's Quasimoto. With Murphy making an appearance on You're Dead! this October and rumblings of a follow-up brewing in the background, consider this teaser a small taste of things to come.

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