Aug 18, 2014

Aphex Twin Announces First LP in 13 Years

EDM pioneer and infamous recluse Aphex Twin announced today that his first album in over a decade, SYRO, is slated for release later this year. Following reports yesterday of a giant blimp bearing Aphex's signature logo flying over London, the album was announced via a URL posted from his official twitter account accessible only through the anonymous TOR-proxy browser, a staple choice for exploring the murkier depths of the so-called "Deep Web".

title and suspected tracklist
An iconic figure in the world of electronic music who rose to prominence in the mid-to-late 90's, Aphex Twin (real name: Richard D. James) is a perpetual cipher in the world of internet culture who seldom entertains interviews. Known for his anarchic brand of humor and his lovable propensity for scaring the crap out of his fan-base with outrageous music videos and album covers (see above), Aphex has been cited as a defining influence in the careers of such artists as Daft Punk, Flying Lotus, and Radiohead. With so much having transpired in the world of music since his last record, it's exciting to see what Aphex Twin has to bring to the table this time.

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