Aug 19, 2014

BEGIRAGONS Is A Japanese Gameshow For The YouTube Generation

With videos spanning over 7 years, MEGWIN TV has been in the YouTube game longer than a large majority of top YouTube channels. Since the debut of their twisted take on Crocodile Dentist that appeared on the internet over five years ago, I've been an avid follower of the channel's ridiculous antics. While very few videos are officially translated, the majority of entertainment comes from the amazing Ken Sekine (aka Megwin) and his incredibly over-the-top persona. Garnering over 400,000 subscribers, Sekine is by far one of the most popular Japanese vloggers on the internet.

With the amount of popularity MEGWIN TV has garnered, it's no surprise the channel has expanded into gameshow territory with their more recently created BEGIRAGONS channel. The show's challenges may seem simple enough with names such as Convenience Store Game, No Sleep Challenge, and Tokyo Train Game, but the challenge rules are where the series really shines.

Their current series, Tokyo Train Game, forces Megwin to traverse the entirety of the Keio Inokashira Line. The catch? Megwin is forced to proceed to each station following the rules he draws from a hand of cards. With ridiculous rules such as army crawling to the station, the Tokyo Train Game gets progressively funnier the further the series gets. Above are the first 6 episodes of the series, with future episodes releasing every Friday.

You can check out the BEGIRAGONS channel over here for the rest of their challenges. If you want to watch Megwin become progressively more miserable, I highly suggest the No Sleep Challenge, 48-hours of no sleep is far worse than you can imagine.

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