Aug 15, 2014

'Dante's Redemption' Is An Incredible Fan Short

During EA's more experimental period of last generation, Visceral Games released Dante's Inferno, one of the more under-appreciated titles of that generation. The game may have been heavily influenced by God of War but I had a blast, the combat was solid and exploring Dante Alighieri's (highly stylized) depiction of Hell was a a treat in itself. Despite the game's subpar sales, there have been rumblings of a sequel in the works, and while I won't hold my breath anytime soon, Naughty Dog animator, Tal Peleg, has given fans quite a surprise.

Dante's Redemption might be labeled as a "fan short", but this is by no means an amateur animation, it's a 2-minute epic. The animation quality is on-par, if not better, than the original game's cinematics, seeming more like a teaser for the next entry than a fan-fiction. By far the most impressive feat, is seeing an animation of this quality by one individual. Peleg may have enlisted some help for the short's art, but all animation and lighting has been done by him. 

This is truly a 2-minute masterpiece, and it really goes to show the talent Naught Dog has brought onto their team. Not only has this got me hyped for the next rumored Dante's Inferno, but its gotten me even more excited to see what Naughty Dog has in the pipeline for this generation of gaming.

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