Jun 4, 2014

Hotline Fortress 2 - Wrong Number

Youtube user Nonamesleft was so inspired by the slick Hotline Miami 2 trailer that he set out to recreate it in an unlikely format- Valve's Source Filmmaker. The filmmaking engine is the same one used internally by the Team Fortress and Dota 2 teams to create the stunning cinematics to promote the game, and Nonamesleft seems to be one of the community users who's mastered the usage of the format.

Using a bunch of Team Fortress 2 models, a few custom made chainsaws and some really slick cinematography, Nonames left faithfully translated the top down trailer into the 3D realm with some amazing results. In lesser hands this would have been a cool fan film, but this legitimately looks like a professional effort for a Valve game I'd love to see. In the meanwhile I'll stick to anticipating Hotline Miami 2, which should be released sometime later this year. Check out the trailer that inspired the homage after the break.


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