Jun 4, 2014

印象派 (Impressionism) "BEAM!"

Japanese pop band 印象派 (roughly translated to Impressionism) have been on my radar since early last year after stumbling on the track Endless Summer, pushing me into the depths of Space Shower Music's fantastic lineup of Japanese musical artists. 印象派's new track BEAM! is a pleasant trip on the ears, but the accompanied music video is ridiculous in all the right ways. 

With a set of awesome visual effects, BEAM! takes you on a wild trip between two feuding sets of animal-human-things as they battle for world supremacy. If animal-human-things don't instantly tickle your interest maybe the idea of of animal-human-things firing lasers will. 

The music video is incredible well done, and the mixture of neon colors on a black-and-white world mesh extremely well, creating fast-past action akin to Edgar Wright's take on Scott Pilgrim. Even if you're not a fan of Jpop you should find something you'll enjoy.

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