Jun 4, 2014

Floating Metal Key - Launch Film

Created to commemorate the release of Matthew Wilcock's 'Floating Metal Key' album, featuring his own very distinct glitched out, textured form of electro. The video serves as a rich visual accompaniment to seven tracks from his debut EP, ranging from peaceful and ambient to absolutely chaotic. Wilcock originally started out as a lead musician and sound designer at Zelig Sound, a music production company that's worked for companies including Jaguar, Nike, Playstation and HBO.

Taking the audio manipulation skills gleaned during that process, Wilcock has mastered a truly mesmerizing, alien sound with some truly surprising melodic and harmonious undertones. His experimental nature evokes memories of Aphex Twin's esoteric early work, albeit his music being even more twisted and distorted. If you'd like a taste of one of the tracks from the album, I'd recommend checking out Brittle Metal Press, which we featured earlier this year. You can check out the album on iTunes, Spotify and the usual music release channels.

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