May 12, 2014

Worth Checking Out - A Story About My Uncle

Many gamers will probably tell you that the web-slinging mechanics of Spider-Man 2 will never be matched, but I'd argue that there just aren't enough developers out there trying to bring it back. Gone North Games' A Story About My Uncle looks like an awesome attempt at bringing the swinging mechanics back into the limelight with their first-person platformer. 

I'm actually quite interested in the game's narrative, which seems to be a heavy focus along with the game's swinging mechanics. The game is also downright pretty, giving an awesome environment to swing around in, along with what looks to be some rather interesting character design.

While the newest Amazing Spider-Man entry seems to a decent job of giving that sense of speed and maneuverability that Spider-Man 2 provided, A Story About My Uncle seems to be providing a more puzzle oriented experience while maintaining that speed gamers have been missing for years, although this time in first-person.

The game will be heading Steam on May 28th, so keep a close eye on it! 

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