May 12, 2014

The Colorful Art Of David Alegre

David Alegre is an up and coming illustrator, a member of the burgeoning Tumblr-o-sphere of fresh talent and a concept artist at Zynga. He also goes by the name of Scrotum Nose, an interesting alias but nothing out of the ordinary in comparison to some other great artists we've stumbled into since AwesomeRobo booted up. What I particularly liked about Alegre is being able to see him take inspiration-In this case the works of Sachin Teng, who has been an influence on many an artists as of late (Myself included) and see him make it his own.

It's most evident with his really cool take on Dr Wiley from Megaman (Above), which has the same notes..The square composition, the noisy overlays, the themes of fragmentation. Yet in a few months from now Alegre will have assimilated the elements of another artists style (Among others) to further hone his own distinct style. Alegre's work falls into the category I'd call 'fun,' with varied subject matter, heavy stylization and a penchant for the colorful. Check out more of his awesome work after the break!

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