Apr 22, 2014

Tobacco's "Streaker" Is A Bathsalt Trip In Music Video Form Thanks To The Madness of Eric Wareheim (NSFW)

For those familiar with the psychedelic sounds of Black Moth Super Rainbow you've come to expect nothing but absolute insanity from their music videos. With band member TOBACCO releasing a new solo album this May, we've been "treated" with a new music video by the fantastic Eric Wareheim of Tim & Eric fame.

Honestly, this music video is absolutely f*cked  in a strangely hypnotic way. The song's crunchy beats and heavy drums really pushes this into feeling like a drugged experience. There's plenty of nudity to push this into highly NSFW territory, with some of the visuals becoming absolutely insane. Once you get past the initial shock of flopping body parts and glitched out visuals the overall tone of the music fits incredibly well with the songs progression.

TOBACCO's solo work has always included less altered vocals (with the likes of Beck making an appearance on previous albums), and this newest track is no different featuring the vocals of Notrabel. While I love me some Black Moth Super Rainbow, it's tracks like this that really shows TOBACCO's willingness to experiment with his sound.

Ultima II Massage releases May 13th with a super groovy limited edition vinyl around the 20th.

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