Apr 22, 2014

Gabriel Picolo's 365 Days of Doodles

Brazil based artist Grabriel Picolo has quite a project on his hands, adding a new doodle to his account for every day in 2014. While Gabriel labels each of his pieces a 'doodle,' the amount of detail in each work is beautiful. With many doodles inspired by pop-culture Gabriel Picolo's work pays an awesome homage to some of his interests (including Studio Ghibli, Tim Burton, Disney and many more).

One of the more fascinating pieces of his work is the decision to include some post detail to the work, adding an extra pop by quite literally popping the work off the pages. It's a subtle addition to the work, but it shows a much more involved process than a doodle.

After the break is a few more of Gabriel's work, but I also suggest checking out his Deviantart or Instagram for a daily dose, it's quite an impressive collection.

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