Apr 23, 2014

The Persian Version - Skating In Iran And Beyond

Very cool. In collaboration with Thrasher magazine, Patrick Walner has been creating videos mixing his love of skating with travel into a series of videos called Visualtraveling. This latest video gives us a look at rarely portrayed everyday life in Tehran, and the even rarer skating subculture present in the country. Due to the sanctions imposed by the west, the entire crew shares their experiences with the lingering political situation looming. The trip ultimately takes them all the way to Turkey, with awesome skate footage from start to finish in some seriously unfamiliar scenery.

Fun linguistic fact: Did you know that unlike the rest of the middle east, Iran's Farsi language has characters for 'P' and 'V'? I only noticed this during some travels in Syria and Lebanon where I noticed that Seven Up soda was spelled out as 'Sefen Ub' due to the lack of the characters. Fun stuff.

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