Apr 23, 2014

The Art Of Bthx - Colorful And Mysterious

If there's one thing that's been more challenging about hunting for cool illustrators overseas outside of the obvious language barrier, it's the Japanese cultural norm of keeping a relatively humble, low profile. While it's an appreciated 'overall' trait, it does make our lives pretty difficult when trying to find out more background information about certain artists.

Bthx is one of these talented illustrators that we ran into recently who got our attention with his incredibly clean, lineart driven aesthetic- Yet in regards to info about the artist, there was virtually no information other than an email address (Which we unfortunately didn't hear back from) and a simple thank you for looking! Based off his art he's either an ultra talented fanartist, or a concept artist at Atlus considering the amount and quality of Persona related work we found in their folio, amongst other fan favorites like a stunning little piece of Asuka from Evangelion, which you can check out after the break.

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