Apr 30, 2014

The Art Of Rhads - Castles In The Sky

Rhads is both a musician an illustrator hailing from the Omsk region of Russia, a relatively chilly area of Siberia. Despite his frigid surroundings Rhads' illustrations exude an incredible sense of warmth and serenity which really put a smile on our faces.

Specializing in environment art illustrations, most of his work seems to center around reoccurring themes - Mainly idyllic shots of beautiful skies inhabited by fantastic creatures. Whales, airships, manta rays and beyond, there's a truly peaceful feel that Rhads always conveys in his work. A really cool thing that Rhads also does is create musical accompaniments to his pieces, to further absorb you into each piece. You can check out some samples over on his website, and more of his relaxing illustrations after the break!

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