Feb 12, 2014

Flappy Bird By Kud

This is probably the only Flappy Bird related piece of content you'll ever see on our website. Created by Kud and voiced by the folks over at Mega64, it's probably the funnest thing to come out of the media circus that this game has attracted over the last few weeks. Curious about our opinion regarding Flappy Bird? This entire debacle was complete bulls**t. Instead of focusing on social gaming's terrible trend of ripping off and copy pasting the same version of games over and over again, mainstream gaming websites decided to turn the spotlight/internet hate machine on a guy who actually made a fun game on his free time. Does having a Mario themed warp tube in your game warrant death threats and people wanting to ruin you?

Let's not forget that other games have made very obvious references to Mario games. Let's not forget Jonathan Blow's Braid (In general), Muigin and Larion from World of Warcraft, Super Guacamelee's princess quote and this entire list of over 130 games that make direct references to the series. Was it worth dozens of articles damning an indie dev who made a little cellphone app on his free time with elements that paid tribute to his favorite games growing up? I think not, and this is why I personally stopped reading a bunch of gaming sites in the last few weeks as this got blown way out of proportion. In the meanwhile, dozens of unscrupulous fly by night devs are capitalizing on it's unwarranted notoriety to create dozens of clones. Thank you, sh**ty game journalists for pushing yet another developer into darkness.

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