Feb 12, 2014

The Satellite Girl and Milk Cow - A Rather Trippy Animated Feature From Korea

Every once in a while we get a peek at some of the features coming out of the Korean animation market, and I always find myself a little bewildered due to the sheer cultural differences. This Jang Hyung-yun directed feature titles The Sattelite Girl And Milk Cow has some great animation quality (A little reminiscent of Studio Ghibli's house style), and has a story that seems to be inspired by Astro Boy, My Neighbor Totoro and Pinocchio respectively. The story features a satellite who becomes a human, a heartbroken boy that turns into a cow, an angry incinerator, an anthropomorphic toilet paper roll and a human organ trafficker armed with a plunger among it's list of characters..I'm not kidding. After watching the trailer a few times I'm convinced that this is what Hayao Miyazaki's fever dreams are made of.

A pianist-in-training loses his heart and becomes a cow, while, with the help of Merlin (the Wizard, who has taken shape as a role of toilet paper) a satellite felled from the cosmos by a supernova is transformed into a girl. Following a narrow escape from secret agents chasing heartless people, the two mismatched characters draw close.

Well, that sounds absolutely insane. Anyway, there are no current plans for this movie to be distributed in the US just yet. The feature was created by the Korean 'Now Or Never' animation studio, which has been around since 2005.

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