Mar 13, 2013

The Wonderfully Stylized Art Of Phobs

Russian digital artists are typically a rarer breed to spot in the wild expanses of Tumblr, Deviantart and other art-centric websites, but when we've been lucky enough to stumble into them, we've been consistently blown away (Check out Vitaliy Shushko, for example).

Phobs has some of the most interesting design language I've seen in a long time, channeling plenty of folk and Eurasian culture into her dazzling, exotic character designs. Phobs is currently a film and animation student (Believe it or not), and there's nothing more that we'd love than to see her creations come to life. I'd highly recommend checking out her Tumblr to get a taste of what type of  imagery inspires her designs. Also, Phobs has an ongoing webcomic called 'Temujin,' featuring some equally beautiful art. Check out more of her work after the break.

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