Oct 8, 2013

The Concepts Of Alexandr Pascenko

Russian born, Germany based concept artist Alexandr Pascenko has been keeping himself busy as of late, with a steady stream of freelance from Applibot (With their up and coming Legend of the Cryptids TCG). Last I'd heard about him he had been picked up to work with SixMoreVodka, one of the newer, and more renown concept outsourcing houses run by Marko Djurdevic (Massive Black, Marvel).

Alexandr originally was more about his amazing pencil sketches and concepts, but through the stint at SixMoreVodka it looks like he picked up some awesome digital illustrations to boot, taking his skills to the next level. With a definite affinity for scifi (And femmes), Alexandr has been trailblazing since leveling up his art surrounded by amazing talent. Check out more of his concept goodness after the break!

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