Oct 8, 2013

"Stasis" Stirs From A Long Slumber, Launches Kickstarter With 2014 Release Date

For the past three years, adventure game fans and horror enthusiasts alike have eagerly anticipated news surrounding Stasis, a sci-fi survival horror point-and-click action game with painstakingly crafted environments and an engrossingly terrifying atmosphere. The love child of sole indie developer Chris Bischoff, Stasis has long been a promising new title that suffered from little hope of actually being released. That is, until now.

Bischoff has finally unveiled the game's new revamped website, complete with new media, developer diaries, countdown clock for a Kickstarter funding push, and a tentative release date of mid-2014! After playing Planescape - Torment earlier this year, I'm couldn't be hungrier for some more isometric point-and-click madness. Check out the new website, as well as one of the game's creepy promotional teasers above. You've come this far Bischoff, let's bring it on home.

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